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Print Terms & Conditions in P.O

This Module facilitates use 2 Print Terms & Conditions in P.O Voucher. Terms & Conditions also will be printed.
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 4,500
Code : AA-0129
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 5,500

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Watermark in Tally Prime Generate Watermark Invoice & Reports

This add-on Feature :-👉 You can Set Export Path. 👉 You Can Set Company Logo Image. 👉 You Can Set X and Y Position (So You can Easily set your image as per your Requirement). 👉If you are used WhatsApp Module then also you can send Watermark PDF from Tally ERP.9 it's double benefits to you
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 3,500
Code : AA-0128
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 4,500

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IMEI Serial No Mobile Dealer’s Modul

This add-on is used to Specially for Mobile Dealers, Mobile Shops, Computer Hardware Electronics Business any dealer who need IMEI No / Item Serial Number Purchase Sales Tracking IN Tally Prime
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 6,500/-
Code : AA-0127
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 13,000/-

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Auto Pick Price List Rate in. (Rate of inclusive)

This add-on is used to Automatically Pick Price List Rate In Rate of inclusive Column
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 2,500/-
Code : AA-0126
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 3,500/-

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Auto Mail Ledger Statement Every Month Fixed Date

This utility Use To automatically Sent Mail Ledger Statement. Every Month Fixed Date. 👉Date Is User defined
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 4,500/-
Code : AA-0125
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 6,500/-

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Print UPI QR Code & Bank Details in Outstanding Statement Print and e-Mail

👉Option to select QR Code and Bank in Outstanding Print 👉Specify your UPI ID 👉Option of set auto capture Outstanding amount in UPI QR Code
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 2,500/-
Code : AA-0124
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 4,500/-

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Auto Create Customer Ledger Details From GSTin Portal

Auto Filling of Details Like 👉 Legal Name 👉 Legal Name of Business 👉 Principal Place of Business 👉 State Name and Code 👉 Pin code 👉 PAN 👉 Taxpayer Type : Regular / Composition 👉 GSTIN / UIN Status : Active / Suspended / Cancelled 👉 Effective Date of registration From GST Portal to Avoid Mistakes and Reduce typing...
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 4,500
Code : AA-0123
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 6,500

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User Wise Godown Security Control

This add-on is used to prevent access to the Godown based on the user login. It will restrict the users to operate on the specified Godown.
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 4,500
Code : AA-0122
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 5,500

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Item Wise Batch Expiry Report

With This Add on user can get Item Wise Batch Expiry Report. User gets Item Name, Group Name, Expiry Date and Mfg. Date Wise Filtration Report.
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 4,500
Code : AA-0121
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 5,500

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Ageing Wise Outstanding Summary in Ledger Statement.

With This Add-on user gets Facility to Print Ageing wise Outstanding Summary in Ledger Statement Report. In Print
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 2,000
Code : AA-0120
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 3,000

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Voucher Type Wise Company Address Print

This add-on Works Based on Voucher Type wise Company Branch Address Type. So When you Select the Voucher Type as Per that The Company Branch Address is Printed in Sales invoice.
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ ₹3,000/-
Code : AA-0119
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ ₹3,500/-

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Auto Bill Of Material

Enhancement BOM Related Customized Work
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 4,500
Code : AA-0118
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 6,500


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