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Auto PDF After Saving Vouchers

This add-on automatically generates a PDF file on saving a transaction/voucher. Additional information captured in the PDF is date & time of creation. When a transaction is altered the date /time of alteration is also captured.
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 2,000
Code : AA-0110
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 3,500

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A5 Land Scape Customized Invoice Format

Get invoice customization in Tally as per your requirement. You need to share the design you need and it is made available. Tally is a flexible software which gives the option to customize invoice. We offer the option to design the invoice in Tally as per your choice.
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 5,500
Code : AA-0109
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 7,500

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Auto Fill E-way Bill & E-invoicePassword

Hello, Friends When you Enable this TDL, you do Not Need to Remember & Also do Not Need to write Down your E-Way Bill or E-Invoice User Name & Password. It can Also be Applied to Multiple Company
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 1,500
Code : AA-0108
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 2,500

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Auto Receipt in Sales Invoice with Multi Payment Ledgers

Benefits For This addon. Save Time, Minimize Mistake, Increase Efficiency of working staff, Efficient use of ledgers, Adopt new technology to keep growing
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 6,000
Code : AA-0107
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 7,500

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Up Date Ledger Details Through Excel

This addon facility Use to Import Ledger Level all Details up Load. Tally ERP and Tally Prime Both Working.
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 2,500
Code : AA-0106
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 3,500

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J.V Import through Excel

This addon facility Use to Quickly Import JV Voucher Tally ERP and Tally Prime Both Available
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 3,500
Code : AA-0105
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 5,500

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User Wise Rate Control or Restriction

With the help of this add-on. User Wise Rate Control. We Use this addon Controlling Rate for User Wise. Particular User You Can Restriction Rate.
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 3,000
Code : AA-0104
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 4,500

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Control Selling Rate is Less than Purchase Cost

With the help of this add-on you can Control the selling Price, So that user will not be able to Enter Selling Price Less than Cost Price
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 3,000
Code : AA-0103
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 4,000

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Auto Manufacturing After Sales

In This Addon Use, We Pass Sales Voucher (Auto Manufacturing Journal) Entry Created in Tally
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 3,500
Code : AA-0102
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 6,500

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Default Godown for Voucher Level

this will help if faster and error free data entry. This add on will help you to mark the default Godown in the Voucher Level & During Transaction it will be Selected by Default
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 1,200
Code : AA-0101
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 2,400

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System Date as Voucher Date in Tally Prime

In default Tally, whenever you go to voucher creation, the date of the voucher will be displayed based on the last date of entry made in Tally. Each time user should change the date, the date of the voucher will be picked from the system date, & the data entry person can start entering the voucher, without changing the date of the voucher
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 1,000
Code : AA-0100
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 2,000

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Multi Receipts & Multi Payments Module.

This add-on helps user to create multiple transactions with one Time Configuration. Easy Maintain of Vouchers. Easy maintaining of creation of multiple vouchers in one go.
Single User TCP Price  : ₹ 7,500
Code : AA-0099
Multi User TCP Price   : ₹ 15,000


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